Best Label Maker for Teachers and CRAFTERS

Label maker is an essential tool for teachers, crafters and home use. You need to choose the label maker that best fits your purpose. We have tested almost 29 different types of devices and carried a comprehensive comparison between all qualitative aspects. We have looked over different font sizes, availability of the fonts, connect ability and flexibility of uses.

These are top 3 label makers to buy

PTD 400 ADLW 400Thermal 450
14 Fonts, 99 Frames
600+ Symbols
14 fonts, 10 styles, 300+
built-in symbols
71 labels per minute
Supports BarcodeSupports Barcodecan just print
Warranty availableWarranty availableWarranty available
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These are our top three label makers fits for anyone

Best label maker for crafters & small business – Brothers PTD400AD

In our opinion and test performed between 29 different label makers, this model from Brother is the best label maker for teachers and small business among all alternatives. Here’s why!

Expert opinion for this label maker for teachers and crafters

Why a teacher, crafter or a small business need this label printer?

Firstly this standalone device offers great flexibility in labelling to a tacher. This device delivers an 18 mm label with great quality. There are different manual cutters that deliver unlimited labels for your need. However, this label maker can remember only 50 labels in its memory. If you are a crafter and running your business, check out another latest edition from Brothers that can store 99 labels in memory.

Overall features

This Brother PTD400AD comes with a QWERTY keyboard that is very easy to use and flexible enough. It also includes over 600 symbols that make the label amazing. It stores 14 fonts and 99 frames that are a good enough collection for any crafters or teachers. You can also customize the font size as per the 7 preset font resizing option.

Another amazing thing regarding this label maker for teachers is it’s delivered with a AC adopter, but also supports six AA batteries to meet the urgencies. This label maker is also friendly with variety of tapes. During our study we have seen that the TZE tape it uses is protected a thin layer of lamination. Such protection restricts the tapes from being wet, fade and free from heat and cold.

What makes this label maker stand out for a small business?

Nine label makers for teachers that are available in the market will not offer the flexibility to display a preview screen but Brother PTD400AD does. Its ironic view and versatility of fonts and styles helps the product to stand out among all other label makers available in the market that is an essential prerequisite for a crafter or a small business.

Also, there is a chain that you may need t set up manually to execute different print without having to cut and feed. You will also find 12 complete label layouts which you can use later for creating custom labels.

Negative sides of Brother PTD400AD

We have noticed that while checking out this PTD400AD model does not provide any carry case and you may need to pay more for that. However, another label maker (PT-D400VP) from the same manufacturer provide the carry case without extra cost.

Best label maker for Jars and Bottles of indoor use

Indoor use does not require a highly technical printer, especially for teachers. You may need to organize the pot or cable. Or you may require a printer that does not need to have hundreds of templates of label. Having the price flexibility and other factors in mind – we have found the best label printer that suits best for indoor use.

We have also found that some of the teachers experienced some wastage of tape it uses but the issue is still debatable. It may depend on user guideline that we don’t follow always.

However, a crafter or a teacher who runs a small business might experience that label tapes are a bit expensive for the device.

For economy tape consumption and flexibility of indoor use – we suggest you look for another label maker from Brother that serves a minimal purpose and suits most crafters. Here’s the picture and this is a mid-budget label maker from Brothers.


There’s other reviews downwards, keep reading to get the best opinion from the printer experts.

The Best Label Maker for Teachers – Epson LW 400

Label makers for teachers are now a basic prerequisite. A teacher may require a label maker for many reasons such as:

  • Organizing the study materials such as books, notes or any other materials
  • Labeling students book so that no one can exchange with each other
  • Or just to ensure everything is well organized.

Having the importance in priority and the purposes of a teacher Epson LW 400 label maker is our best choice for any teachers.


Experts Opinion on Epson LW 400 Label Maker for teachers

Epspn’s LW 400’s label maker’s LCD display and QWERTY keyboard seem to be very good. it is highly recommended for a teacher. This label maker weighs slightly lighter than the earlier one from brother that was 1 lbs and this epson’s LW4oo weighs 0.88 lbs thus gives great flexibility to carry anywhere.

Our experts team has noticed that this epson label maker comes with a great feature and software updates, which was unavailable on the low budget one from brother.

The label maker with raised letters is also perfect for teachers and small business.

We have tested its barcode printing and the output was really amazing. Another feature surprised us was its zero noise facility. No-one will get disturbed by its sound that was once a common issue for the low budget label printers.

Teachers should aware about the features of EPSON LW 400

This is a powerful and extra-ordinary label maker with a backlit LCD display and the perfect one for the teachers. This budget-friendly label printer comes with 14 fonts, 10 styles and 300 plus symbols to make your labels look good. Also, it guarantees 65% lesser wastage compared to the other label makers that we have appeared in Brothers PTD400AD. It’s built-in memory is also excellent that can store up to 50 files. In our survey storing 50 files represents almost everything because we do not casually require more than 50 different types of labels.

Another great feature of EPSON LW 400 is its wide tape that can accommodate multiple lines within its 18 mm wide range.

Its very easy to use and very efficient as a major organizing tool. It can also supports 7 differant languages that helps you in following circumstances

  • If your family members are multi-lingual
  • If your customers are multi-lingual or,
  • If your products / items require greater impression with a multi-lingual label printed.

Also, its double sided tape glows in dark so again it’s ease of use is greatly emphasized.

This is best for waterproof labels

In our lab test, we have performed freezing capacity testing between Epson and others and the results were amazing. after 27 long hours on a freezer, the labels were absolutely okay.

You can also either use an 18 mm tape or a 12 mm tape depending on the requirement.

Supports raised letter and cursive fronts.

Best for waterproof surface and outdoor environment.

Negative sides of EPSON LW 400 label maker

There are few cons of this device you need to read before buy. Its font seems to be ugly to some people and many of them found difficulty while reading. However, it is not a common problem but highly related to the sighting ability of the respective customers. But, its true that the horizontal line it makes becomes squeezed that we did not experience in the Brother PTD 400AD. Here’s an example of the printed label and the first one is by EPSON LW 400.

Furthermore, this label printer cannot also print vertically which may be a considerable issue that does not hurt pretty much.

In conclusion, EPSON LW 400 can be a very good best budget label maker that serves all purpose of a teacher and crafter. Regardless the small issues, it can still be one of your best label printer for any uses.

We have also experienced that the earlier version of this label printer is still on customers’ choice. EPSON LW 300 also offers great features and flexibility.

EPSON LW 3oo also supports AA batteries and with the same font and style collection as LW 400.

EPSON LW 300 VS LW 400

Both of the label makers come with different fonts and tape. Again you need clarification between both!

Here’s a short comparison between EPSON LW 300 and LW 400 that may help you in choosing the right label maker for you.

Tape width is 1/2 inchTape width is 3/4 inch
Stores up to 30 labelsStores up to 50 labels
Prints up to 2 linesPrints up to 4 lines
Batteries includesComes without batteries
14 fonts, 10 styles, 300 symbols14 fonts, 10 styles, 300 symbols
Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
Comparison between Epson LW 300 and LW 400

Best label maker for small business – Dymo 450 turbo

Printing a label is not the only requirement of a small business. The machine it uses must have to offer much more dynamic styles than the others available in the market. When considering the need of a small business a label printer must give output in best DPI, there should be versatile patterns & symbols. The label should last longer so that customer do not complain.

Our experts suggest that Dymo 450 thermal printer is a fastest device that can print up to 71 labels per minute with great quality.

Here’s how one of our reader who runs a small business uses a label printer:

Why Dymo 450 is best for business?

This printing device can print up to 71 stickers, 4 lines each per minute. This is why it has became popular from the perspective of wasting time.

However, Dymo 450 thermal sticker printers ability to reduce wastage has been considered to be the most appealing to the customers nowadays. It’s thermal printing technology has reduced the cost of buying inks again and again and notable this feature was not available in previously reviewed products from Brother & Epson.

Its easy to use & very flexible to customize. Also, the variety of labelling tape helps the Dymo brand bein the top choice who cares to pay higher.

Why this is the best label maker with barcode?

Printing barcode is a complex job for the most stickers printer. Your barcode needs to be clean and easy to ready by the barcode reader.

A good barcode printer allows the codes staying neat and clean for a longer time to eliminate costs & other effeciencies.

In that case, the Dymo thermal printers eliminates the use of ink & toner and engages its thermal printing technologies for printing barcodes. Also, it ensures maximum dpi and stores barcodes in its memory for future prints.

You can also connect this sticker printer with your tab and make your works more effective.

Furthermore, we do not print barcodes every day. Barcodes are only required when products enter the store. In that case, a faster barcode printer like Dymo can print up to 71 stickers per minutes.

Works best in clothes, shipping and wires.

Other positive remarks of Dymo thermal printer

The dymo 450 thermal printer holds one roll (2/3 size). In case of seeking a twin roll device you can check the other updated version that is Dymo 450 twin turbo. We highly recommend you to buy a single roll unless you are a large company.

You can also connect this printer to your network and enjoy wireless printing facility. However, you need to connect through the USB into the server. It doesn’t automatically detect the network.

It work fantastic on frozen temperature. we have tested in our lab and the result was amazing. no deterioration was noticed so far.

Negative issues found!

Apart from the all positive sides here’s a few negative issues regarding Dymo sticker printer.

It does not work with clover POS system. However the issue resolves by driver by brother.

You cannot print a large label except the preset dimension. Notably, this is a most common cons of each of the available printers.

You cannot incorporate card reader to print receipts. It’s because the printer is only a label printer not a pos printer.

It also does not support ISAL label printing.

However, the negative issues are mostly uncommon and does not affect overall user experience at all. Still this is the best label printer for the small businesses around.

Dymo label maker vs brother

brother vs dymo label maker
brother VS Dymo

We have picked both brother and dymo as our top three label printers. However, there is still comparison scope between the both!

Both brother PTD 600 and Dymo label writer are thermal technology-driven sticker printer. Both are high priced with all the amazing features.

However, there are some points that will help you to discriminate between the both label makers.

The very basic difference between brother PTD 600 and Dymo is the powering system. The brother has both plugin and 6 AA battery-run device and on the other hand, Dymo comes with plug-in adopter and a rechargeable battery. considering this ground Dymo is one step ahead of brother’s PTD 600.

Similarly, brother is both handheld and pc connectable device that means you can also print your stickers without taking help of computer. On the other hand Dymo is not handheld. You need a device to communicate the stickers design with the device. depending on this single ground we cannot send the dymo one step backward because it is designed for the high end customers usually a small business who has lots of preset sticker template and need a faster label maker for better efficiency.

If sticker or barcode printing speed is your target then definitely Dymo would score significantly higher than brother. why?

Dymo can speed up to 71 stickers or barcode in a minute whereas brother’s capacity is substantially lower than that. DO not forget that both of the devices can print barcode but have some limitations as well.

Neither brother nor the Dymo can be integrated with the POS system since they are not designed to serve you that. Its just a sticker printer.

Check Detailed Review for Brother & Dymo

Dymo provides sticker output at 300 DPI whereas Brother has the option to take output at 300 DPI but you can also print at 180 DPI.

Brother offers DPI flexibility just to allow you saving the toner and other consumables whereas Dymo does not require any toner or color. Because the printer is thermal you are able to savings coming not purchasing other consumables like others.

In conclusion, if you need a speedy device to support large inventory then Dymo definitely comes under priority. On the other hand, if you are a regular indoor user or if you are a crafter or teacher then brother can offer you the best value for money service as reputed label maker brand.

Handheld / PCOnly PC
Plug in / 6 AAPlug in / Rechargeable
Can print barcodesCan print barcodes
300 / 180 DPI300 DPI
Printing speed not disclosed71 stickers per minute
8 font sizeUnlimited font sizes
Best for crafters and TeachersBest for small business
Brother VS Dymo comparison chart

This is the best label printer with Bluetooth wireless technology

Brother P-touch CUBE Plus
Lightweight Portable
Operate from smartphone
Check Price on Amazon
label printer with Bluetooth wireless

Features and Expert Opinion

One of the amazing label printer this is. From design’s perspective this brother P-touch cube scored at full. It comes with a maximum flexibility from software’s end. There are a lot of predesigned creative templates helps to deliver the best quality sticker labels. Works great with smartphone and so far no bug has been noticed with brother’s interface.

You can create your stickers on the go. comes with lithium ion battery with excellent back up. This Bluetooth label printer operates well with both android and apple.

It provides sticker output at 300 DPI. During our performance review we have noticed that no customer will need to design template after watching the saved collections.

The big positive factor is – It prints 24 mm 91 inch) tape that was a missing feature on the brother’s handheld device PT D400VP.

The package will include a black and white starter tape and USB connection.

A big positive side of this is – it can map columns from Microsoft excel work sheets, but with a .csv file using P-touch editor software.

Also, you have complete control over the sticker size, but you may not control its cutting size as described below.

Negative Issues with Brother P touch Cube Plus

Apart from its sleek design and sturdy body, here are some negative lines for this Bluetooth label printer.

  • The device doe not come with a DC adopter
  • Stickers are cut by the device automatically that creates extra wastage if your sticker is small.
  • You need to connect it with PC via USB cable instead
  • It supports multi-language but only Chinese and English.
  • This is NOT SUITABLE FOR WET or CHILLING SURFACE. Try Brother PTD 400 AD instead.

Consider below features when buying a label sticker maker

Below is a detailed guideline a shortlist of features you should consider before buying a label printer.

Source of Energy

Not all label makers work from the same energy sources. We have seen that Brother’s PTD 400 AD works both with adopter and 6 AA batteries, the Dymo 450 has a rechargeable battery inside.

The power source matter because not everyone’s usage is the same. If you are an individual and you need to print a label anywhere then both PTD 400 and DYMO 450 will not be suitable for you and need a rechargeable Bluetooth printer that works with mobile phones.

Printing Performance

We have already discussed that there is a diversified printing performance of the label sticker printers. Such as Brother’s Handheld device cannot offer you more than 70 stickers per minute whereas Dymo does the job well.

Again, if you prefer a clean and wide space sticker and accept the tape wastage then you should prefer Brother and avoid EPSON because the EPSON’s LW 400 has a significant shrinking font issue that helps saving the wastage but sometimes very difficult to read by some people.

However, if your priority is printing barcodes and you need something with all in one feature then you should go for the Dymo’s thermal printer that works for just anything as we have mentioned. But it requires higher price.

There are some other important factors such as memory, fonts, styles and etc. that may affect your stickers. For that you need to read our in depth product reviews just above this page.

Tape Types

Not every label printers offer the same tape type. The quality may vary depending on the adhesive and surviving in a freezing condition.

Let’s say you are hoping to buy this wireless label maker that will be used to make stickers for refrigerated packagings. In that case, your choice is completely wrong because its stickers do not survive inside the refrigerators.

Based on our lab research we have found that Brother’s 400 AD and EPson’s LW 400 lasts longer within the refrigerator and outdoor environment.

If you are just need a sticker printers just to identify the wires or other accessories in home then your choice is okay.

Popular Usage of Label Makers

Here’s a list of the purposes that a label maker serves

Inside the Home:

  • Labelling Jars
  • Marking the boxes
  • Inside the refrigerators for packaging
  • Labelling the cables etc.

In Office:

  • Generating barcodes
  • Identifying the files
  • managing inventories
  • merchandizing
  • wires and cables
  • For flash drives etc.

We wish to help you by our research and reviews. However, its a continuous process and we hope to update this article once an updated version comes in the market.

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