Best skateboard for rough roads and asphalts

All skateboards are not suitable for the rough roads. In reality, roads are not as smooth as we see in picture. If you are a skateboard lover, you need to pick the right one that is suitable for the rough condition.

Roads are full of pavements and pebbles that damages skateboard wheels and expose towards an accident or destroys the skating experience.

We have tested 27 skateboards in our lab and here’s the outcome that will help you to choose the best one for riding on a rough road.

These are the best skateboards for rough roads

As we have mentioned that a test has been performed among 27 skateboards only 8 has passed in all aspects and here’s the top skateboards for rough roads.

Made from AluminumMade from AluminumMade from Aluminum
Length 31 inchesLength 31 inchesLength 31 inches
Width 8 inchesWidth 8 inchesWidth 7.5 inches
95A – 54 mm wheels95A – 53 mm wheels99A – 54 mm wheels
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Metroller Skateboard Review

When considering a skateboard for rough road This is the most durable and stable among the all available options. If you have ever noticed 5 skateboards then 1 of them would be from Metroller. Learning the new skating tricks becomes easy when you have such skateboards.


What makes Metroller best in rough road

When you plan to skate over a rough surface, the first thing you need to consider is controllability. This maple deck has a very stable back pattern that provides you with the ultimate stability when skating. Furthermore, this product comes with a 7 layer Canadian maple wood and can hole up to 220 lbs of weight.

Our experts have appreciated its printed color deck. color quality was good with no noticeable cracks or overlap.

Wheel Quality

Metroller skateboard comes with a 54mm 95A wheel that are made of high rebound Polyurethane. It depicts that you can either play at park or on the street without thinking much about the roughness of the street.

Such hard type wheel helps moving fast but preferably on a smooth surface. However, if your priority is heavily focused on Rough Roads then you should try changing the wheel as below:

Positive sides are:

  • Good for rough roads
  • Increased stability
  • Lasts longer
  • Its durable
  • Value for money

Negative sides are:

  • High price
  • Other boards may not work together
Kegal wheels work better on rough roads

We have seen that Metroller works best with wheels from Kegal because of better speed and enhance stability.

What about bearings?

The bearings this skateboard comes with is okay but nothing extraordinary. We have tested that the bearings can hold up to 220 lbs. of weight that is already communicated earlier. The bearing grade is ABEC-9 with a wheel size of 54 millimeters.

However, bearing grade is not everything. Regularly check whether the nuts are tight as the tightness will disturb the riding experience.

But, if you are targeting this skateboard for rough roads, its better to change the wheels. As per our opinion – Kegal works amazing in rough roads.

Other positive sides of Metroller skateboard

  • No assembly required (if you are not buying replacement wheels for rough roads)
  • Fits both beginner and skilled
  • Helpful for learning new tricks
  • Good grip
  • Very easy to carry
  • Its unisex

Negative Sides

  • For rough road, you may need to invest on additional wheels
  • No solid color available
  • Not made in USA

Phoeros Skateboard Review

Phoeros skateboards are the second most popular after Metroller. Its a wide skateboard made up of aluminum and Canadian maple wood. It worked well in rough road surface over 30% of pebbles and found no major objection. However, a slight bearing noise has been noticed that was mainly due to the rough road. In smooth surface this skateboard is just awesome and you do not think much about it.


What makes Phoeros stand against the competitor?

If you first consider the deck quality, this skateboard has a 7 layer Canadian maple wood. It’s dimension is exactly equal to the Metroller. The length is 31 inches and the width is 8 inches. Maximum load capacity is LBS that is HUGE!. Overall its a very good deck for improved stability and executing tricks.

The wheel & Bearing

Phoeros skateboard comes with PU wheels with 95 A grade and 53 millimeter. When comparing the wheel quality with Metroller, Phoeros’s wheel diamiter is 1 millimeter smaller than the one from Metroller. A single millimeter deviation might sounds like insignificant but, ensures impressive riding experience.

On the other hand, Phoeros skateboard’s bearing is good but not as excellent compared to the Metroller. But, we have noticed that Phoeros’s wheel as elastic wear resistance that helps protecting the rider from sudden injuries that was missing in Metroller.

Durometer Hardness

87% of the skateboard owners does not know which are the perfect wheels for them!

The surface you are choosing to ride will guide you to which wheel hardness you need. Most of the skateboards are coming with 95A durometer hardness by default and expose the riders when they give a try over a rough surface.

The higher the durometer is, better for silky & smooth surface. On the other hand, a very hard wheel is for clean surface and a comparably softer wheel is suitable for rough roads.

The Phoeros skateboard comes with a 95A durometer and its harder.

Riding over a rough road would require 78A or 87A durometer wheels for a safe skating.

87A Durometer wheels for rough road skating

Here’s our recommended 87A durometer wheels to be replaced with the default 95A sets.


The wheel is smooth and wide. Suitable for rough roads and pebbles. We have found no negative issues with this 87A durometer wheel. However, you need to switch the wheel to 95A before skating over a clean and smooth surface.

Positiv Team Skateboard Review

Positiv team is cool looking skateboard with 31.38 inches width and 7.5 inches of depth. This is another piece of trick-friendly skateboard with all required safety features. Being the minimalist in features, it offers a great skating experience for both beginners and experts.


More about positiv team skateboard

The deck is wide and offers a comfortable ride. Compared to the other skateboards we have reviewed, Positiv team is lightly larger. There’s a blue logo printed in the centre that gives an enhanced branded feel. During our test, we have seen that the grip tape is well pasted which helps to skate more steadily.

The deck is also made up of Canadian maple wood. the multi-layer wood is heavily bound together with adhesive for extra strong durability. However, the maximum load this skateboard can take would be 200 LBS, which is 20 LBS lesser than Metroller & Phoerose.

Since the skateboard is trick-friendly, you will be able to learn and execute new tricks with its solid wheel on a clean surface.

The hardness of the wheels are 99A durometer that represents the wheels are hard at max. As you have already know that you need to replace the wheels by 78A or 87A durometer hardness to run on a rough road.

Positive Sides

  • Its durable & sturdy
  • Trick oriented
  • Well gripped
  • Good wheel (Extra strong)
  • Pre-assembled
  • Suitable for both beginner and experts

Negative Sides

  • Wheel is extra strong and not suitable for rough roads. We recommend this wheel for rough road skating.
  • We have found a slight bearing noise that was missing while testing the other skateboard from Metroller.
  • Ships within regular time but some user have complained about the delay in shipping.

Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels for rough roads

As we have already mentioned that a skateboard can only run over a rough road when the wheel is soft. Since the most of the skateboards are arriving at a default wheel with hardness of 99A durometer we need to replace the wheels before skating over uneven roads full of pebbles.

In our opinion – this is very good budget soft wheel for skating over the rough conditions.

Its a 53 mm wheel with hardness of 83A. The manufacturer offers 5 different colors that easily matches with any skateboards. There’s a hard code plastic inside helps better bearing alignment but the soft plastics outside helps keeping the balance while skating over the rough roads.

We have tested this particular wheel with both Metroller & Phoerose and found no negative issues.

We suggest to try a different color that creates an extra level impression of your skateboards. In the above picture the skateboard was matt blue but we have dropped the blue color to show how the contrast look like.

Summary of our experts’ opinion

  • Solid built quality
  • Offers extra grip for curving
  • Good for downhill cruising
  • Best fit for rugged terrain
  • Zero noise
  • Perfectly holds bearing with hard plastic at core

Negative Sides

  • Extra cost for you
  • Not suitable silky smooth surface
  • You need to observe bearing nut frequently

Best skateboard wheels for asphalt

Skating over asphalts is amazing if you have the proper wheels attached. In this part, we will recommend you the best skateboard wheels for asphalt after assessing 17 different wheels.

Let ups start from the basic…

You are going to skate over the road that is made up of asphalt carpeting. How does it look like?

Its black, Its clean, its smooth but not silky.

So, as per our wheel selection guide for the smooth and silky roads, you need the harder wheels to work best. While skating on the asphalt, you need good acceleration and as well as the good speed with control over the skateboard.

Remember, for the rough roads we you need a softer wheels with hardness of 78A to 87A durometer. And, for the Asphalt or outdoor roads you need wheels with hardness of about 99A durometer.

Why 99A hardness for asphalt?

  • Asphalt heats up rapidly under sunlight
  • Hardness helps to resist against heat
  • Hardness helps increased rolling for better acceleration

With consideration of all aspects, here’s our Best skateboard wheels for asphalt:

Spitfire skateboard wheel for asphalt review

Spitfire is a 52 mm wheel with a hardness of 99A durometer. This is the best performer on asphalt.


Spitefire wheels are made up of urethane that makes it best for the asphalt. The manufacturer offers wheels under three sub categories which are Classics, Formula Force and the Charges.

The wheels you can see in picture is the classic version. Though the wheel is 99A of hardness but you can be able to get up to 101A if required.

Since it comes up at 52 mm size you would be able to get a FASTER ACCELERATION.

It is also recommended by the professional riders.

The wheels were first introduced in May, 2018 and since then we did not observe such a big customer complaints. Morever, Spitefire wheels ranks currently at skaters top choice in Amazon’s chart.

Since the 101A hardness is also available in the store that also offers maximum speed but we do not recommend that for asphalt due to least grip.

The negative side of Spitefire wheel is – it’s not suitable for bumpy surface and we do not recommend them for travelling long distances.

We rate this wheel as best for asphalt and our rating is five out of five.

Skating on Asphalt – Things you should know

Playing with the skateboards on the asphalt is fun but you should be aware of following things.


As we have suggested a 99A hardness wheel for asphalt, too much moisture can be risky for you. If you are planning to skate in somewhere with heavy moisture, we suggest you to avoid. If you skate make sure to go with a 87A wheel even if the surface is asphalt. Remember, during moisture, your grip over the skateboard should only be the FIRST PRIORITY.

Carry extra small wheels

As per the guideline we have made for you, a smaller wheel will help in gaining better control over the skateboard. Asphalt may not be same as always. If you notice that the surface seems risky and slippery, use a shorter wheel such as 42mm is better in grip compared to the 54mm wheels.

Wear Safety Gears

Do not forget to wear your safety gears before going for skating. Safety should always be your first priority.

Buyers Guide

We hope that you have already got to know about the best skateboards that are the best fit for rough terrain. Here’s our short guide that will help you to decide the best product for you.

Its obvious that you will look at the design and durability, but most of the skateboard riders do not know how wheel hardness matters and why!

Wheel Hardness

Most of the skateboard come with 99A hardness by default. The basic formulae is if you are planning to skate over a silky ground then a 99A or even 101A hardness is best.

On the other hand, the rough roads are full with sand and pebbles thus require a soft wheel.


To summarize, 96A to 101 A of hardness in durometer is for harder and faster. Most suitable for skating on roads and park. 88A to 95A hardness is still harder and faster but these wheels are soft enough to cruise over bumps.

As mentioned earlier, 78A to 87A hardness are great for long boards and skating on rough roads.

However, 83B to 84B is for extra fast ride and scale should only be handled by EXPERTS ONLY.

What skateboard wheels should I get?

Skating over rough roads are difficult. You need to know a bit about the wheel size that has direct relation with speed and controllability of the skateboards.


You cannot expect both speed and acceleration at the same point when skating over a rough road. Its your preferance whether you need speed or acceleration.

Commonly, a larger wheel would offer you better speed but with a slower acceleration level. On the other hand the smallest wheel will give you a maximum acceleration but with a minimal speed.

This is the reason why most of the skateboards are coming with a 53mm wheel so that it remains in the middle and you can enjoy both speed and acceleration.

We suggest you to choose the right wheel size and hardness as per your requirement and skating plan.

What skateboard deck should I get?

The third thing you should consider before buying a skateboard is deck size. Your age, height & show size is the primary contributor of the right deck for you.


If you are an adult or above 5 feet then the ideal size of a skateboard would be 7.5 inches or longer. Actually the deck is what you will put your shoes.

If you are going to gift a skateboard to a younger then gift something between 6.5 feet to 7 feet.

What skateboard truck should I get?

Trucks can be available in different sizes. You need to have a slight research before choosing the right truck size for your skateboard.

Truck size depends on the size of the deck. The length of the axle of your truck needs to be aligned with the width of deck. If the truck size does not match with the deck you wont be able to find the stability.

If you are buying a renowned brand then there is no need to worry about such size complexities. All you need to find out the proper deck size and that’s it.

How to change skateboard wheel

If you need to skate over a rough road, you need to change the wheel that have hardness of from 78A to 87A durometer.

Here’s how you should change your skateboard wheel effectively.

Remove wheels

First remove the axle nut by the skate tool given with it. You can also use a wrench from your garage. Make sure to have a small bowl to collect the nuts and washer so that you do not lose any of them.

Slowly remove the bearings

Slightly remove the bearings with your palm. Do not force it.

Insert bearing and new wheels

On your truck axle slowly push the bearings and the new wheels smoothly with a farm press. Make sure no sand gets inside the axle while the wheel change.

Finish set up

Finish by mounting the wheels with all nuts and washer. Make sure that bearing pin is set as earlier so that you have your previous speed and control.

What skateboard size should I get?

Skateboard size are not the same for all. If you are beginner but adult you need a skateboard that won’t be suitable for a younger beginner. Here’s a small guide for you

Micro Skateboard

The smallest skateboard is called micro skateboard. Usually these are the perfect skateboard for the younger beginner. Younger with shoe size of 3 or even smaller should get a micro skateboard that is around 6 inches wide and roughly 27 inches long.

Mini Skateboard

If you are going to gift a skateboard to someone aged around 6-8 years and having a show size of 4-6, mini skateboard would be suitable for him or her.

Mid sized

Such skateboards are suitable for someone who are 9 to 12 years old with a show size of 6-8.

Full Sized

The skateboards we have reviewed in this article is the full sized one. Those are for the adults having show size of more than 8 and aged above 12 years old.

Remember, if you need a skateboard for rough roads, you need to change a wheel that have hardness between 78A to 87A.

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